Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Eight - still sick

Unfortunately my stomach is still not right this morning, so I can't exercise today. Both my kids are also complaining of stomach ache and headache (although the 3 year old might just be copying). I just hope I am well enough to get some major house cleaning done today. At least I feel better than yesterday.

Yesterday sucked so badly. I stayed in bed all afternoon worrying about all the stuff I should be doing. Felt considerably better (and hungry) at dinner time - Tim had taken the kids to the movies so I decided to start dinner rather than waiting for him to get home and cook. I put a steak in the hot pan and oil splashed up straight at my face. I reflexively closed my eyes in time which was lucky as my right eyelid was quite badly burned. There were also splashes on my forehead, under my eye,and next to my mouth - but the eyelid was definitely the worst, perhaps because it is thin sensitive skin. It is the only bit still hurting this morning.

Partly from the pain, but also a lot from the shock, I cried for quite a long time. Not just leaking tears but big sobs, like my 6 year old daughter does.

Anyway, that was my yesterday. On the good side, I stayed under my calorie limit because I didn't eat much all day. But no exercise, very little water, 1 fruit and 1 vegetable and no dairy. Oh well, I was sick, it can't be helped. Hopefully I will get fully better over the course of the day. It is very frustrating to get sick when I was doing so well. It seems to happen a lot when I try to get fit, I know that this time I was going hard which may have contributed, but other times I have been more moderate and still get sick. I am not going to let it make me give up this time. I'll be up at 5.45 tomorrow morning ready for cross-training!

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