Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day one

I'm at the end of day one (just had dinner) and my core targets have been achieved. An hour at the gym (my calves are sore, I hope I can walk tomorrow because I have a cross-training class!), I dipped into my extra 'exercise calories' by 65, but still have more than 500 available if I need them (clearly I don't today), and I tracked everything I ate. I may still have a small snack in a couple of hours. I won't eat after 9 pm. All good, healthy food.

I've done ok with my secondary goals. 5 glasses of water (and will try to fit in another, but not too late or I will be up in the night more than my usual once) and I have blogged (obviously). Fruit/vegetable/dairy targets not so good. I had half an orange before I went to the gym, but as I don't shop until tomorrow the bowl was pretty bare. I ate a carrot and a half - pretty much the only fresh vegetable we had left, but I also had some creamed corn on toast and sundried tomatos on my pasta. I'm letting myself off these two targets today as we honestly had very little. I'll shop for lots of fruit and vegetables tomorrow. As for dairy, I had some milk on my cereal and some romano cheese on my pasta, together they might add up to one serve of dairy (just). My supper might be a yoghurt.

So... today I just need to get to bed at an early hour, taping "House" which is on too late (goodness knows when I will get to watch it), as I am getting up at (cringe) 5.50 am tomorrow. Ooh, that reminds me, I need to pack my gym bag and lay out my clothes so I am ready to crawl into them and go. Is it possible to exercise without eating breakfast first? I am going to have to try.

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