Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Nine - very very cold

I had a very restless night, I kept waking up and thinking: 'Please please don't let it be time to get up yet' - and it wasn't. I woke about every hour from 1.30am. Finally the alarm did go off, it seemed extra hard this morning to get out of bed. I hadn't had to get up at 5.45 since last Wednesday (it's Monday) so I don't know yet if it is something you can get used to.

It was -4 C outside! I didn't think to grab my gloves, by the time I got there my hands were red with cold and I could hardly fumble my gym card out of my wallet. Tomorrow I will have beanie, gloves, and trackie pants on over my gym shorts as well as the usual jumper on top. I think we had a really cold change yesterday. It is just about the middle of winter in Canberra, after all.

When I got there I found that they were going to use the variable cross-training class to do boxing, which I can't do due to my dodgy shoulders. So I had to just use the equipment. Arg! I got at at 5.45 in the -4 degree darkness for this?? Oh well, I got in a workout of sorts. Still, it was a hard morning.

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