Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Six - headache

I was feeling a bit queasy in the gym but put it down to tiredness. It still could be, of course, but I have been feeling a little nauseated on and off all day. I now also have a nasty headache. I refuse to get sick when I am doing so well.

Today I did my exercise, kept within my calories (again, only with my extra earned exercise calories) and tracked everything I ate. I've only had 1 fruit and 1 dairy and probably 1 or 2 vegetable servings, which isn't so great, also only 3 drinks so far. I might have a glass of milk in a little while. Through most of the day I only ate when I was hungry - I actually felt genuinely hungry a couple of times! - but I ate too much for dinner, beyond fullness. Perhaps not as good as day as some have been, but I have fulfilled all my core objectives which is great.

Headache and tired.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my official sleep-in day. Yay! Tim takes the kids to gymnastics, and they don't get home until after it finishes at 9.30. Of course I get woken when they all get up, but I get to stay in bed and hopefully get back to sleep. Tim goes to a dance class in the late morning, so I will go to the gym in the afternoon.

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