Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day two - the day

Wow I am really feeling it today. My leg muscles are a bit sore (actually not as sore as yesterday afternoon) but I am really really tired. Both physically tired and sleepy tired. I went to bed at 9 pm last night, so if I had slept well I would have got nearly 9 hours sleep. Unfortunately, I am not very good at sleeping. It takes me a long time to get to sleep, and then if I wake I have trouble getting back to sleep. I am hoping exercise and weight-loss will help with this. The night before that, before the first day of my new lifestyle, I had a very rare coca-cola to help me concentrate while driving home from Sydney in the evening. I am not used to caffine, so it contributed to poor sleep. So after two bad nights, plus all the new physical exercise, I could hardly keep my eyes open today. Unfortunate, as I have an editing job due tomorrow. I think it is going to be a day or two late. Monday is my day home with my 3 year old son anyway, so I am not sure how I expected to get any work done.

Perhaps caused by the tiredness, or perhaps just because day two is a little less motivational than day one, I am struggling with cravings a bit today. I have plenty of calories spare, thanks to my cross-training circuit class, but I really wanted to stick to healthy food. We have visitors every Monday night and always have supper. I am planning to allow myself a small amount of indulgence, within my calorie allowance, but all the more reason not to splurge during the day. I did have one square of chocolate, and some flavoured rice crackers (not really bad, but nutritionally empty).

I need to learn to give myself credit for things. Yes I had one square - one square! 5 grams! - of chocolate, but I did NOT have my usual row or more. I did really well to restrict myself to one piece. I ate it in three small bites, savouring the flavour. I had some salty, cardboard-equivalent rice crackers, but I did NOT have the half-packet of chips sitting in the cuboard, which was what I really wanted. Victory! And, of course, this morning I got up at the godsforsaken hour of 5.50 am, in winter, in the dark, and went to the gym and did an hour of really strenous exercise that left me red-faced and pounding-hearted. I need to learn to accept that yes, I have done well!

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