Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day Two - the dawn

This morning the alarm went off at 5.50 am. I got out of bed and dragged myself into my gym clothes and a jacket. Had half a glass of water and made myself a peanut butter cruskit sandwich which I ate in the car. Drove to the gym. Was shocked at how many people are up and exercising at this time of the morning.

The class (cross-training circuit) was hard, but I think it was no harder than it would have been any other time of day. My legs weren't particularly sore from yesterday, thank goodness. I was hot and sweaty and exhausted by the end. Had my shower and then half a bowl of high-fibre cereal (it wasn't very nice) in the breakfast room. I plan to try all the different cereals there since I don't have to buy a whole packet - or indeed pay for them: well, of course I do really in my membership.

I'm a bit too tired and dazed to feel proud of myself. I'll see how I feel later. Amazing to think that when I finished my exercise, my husband and children were still in bed!

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