Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Five - resting

This morning, snuggled down in a warm bed until 7.30, I felt very strongly motivated to find some way to exercise regularly that did not involve getting up at 5.45. But after checking my gym class schedule I don't see how I can. I really need to do classes, working out on my own doesn't motivate me. My gym has some 9.30 classes, but none that I like/can do with my shoulder restrictions. Also, that would cut heavily into my very limited work time. I could potentially try another gym, but I have paid at this one until November. I did try another gym once, but after the year there ran out I came back to my Club Pink. It is a really nice gym, it is just that the 9.30 classes have gradually been swapped for the wrong ones. But for the moment, that is what I have to work with, so it looks like I am still doing the 6.15 ones.

The original plan was 6 days per week of vigorous exercise, but after yesterday's breakdown I have decided I am not ready for that. I am changing to 5 days so that I can have an extra break in the middle. My current concept is:
Saturday - after lunch, use gym equipment eg cross trainer (no classes at a time I can go)
Sunday - 9.00 am, 50/50 class (aerobics/Step)
Monday - 6.15 am, Xtraining and core class
Tuesday - day off (but I walk a bit on Tuesdays)
Wednesday - 6.15 am BodyStep
Thursday - 6.15 am BodyPump
Friday - day off

I still get a good variety, and only have to get up early 3 days a week instead of 5. Of course this week is a bit different, I am taking today off (Thursday) so I will go tomorrow, no class so I will use the equipment and I don't have any urgent work so I will go at 9.30 am. Oh, actually I am getting my legs waxed at 9.30, so I will go after that.

One challenge for the two days I don't exercise is that I don't get those extra 'exercise calories' that I have been relying on. If I run out by the end of the day I might have to do some exercise anyway just to earn myself dinner! It is probably a good idea to go for a walk or something anyway.

I'm feeling tired and run down today, I definitely needed the break so I can get back into it with energy tomorrow. It was so so lovely to sleep in until a normal time!

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