Monday, June 28, 2010

Day Ten - BodyPump

There is such a temptation, at 5.45, to snuggle down for just a few more minutes ... but I resisted, and got to my BodyPump class in time. It was a good session. My plan last week to skip Tuesdays obviously didn't apply as I had all weekend off, and also I have decided I like Pump so I'll see what happens. I may skip Mondays instead, since yesterday didn't work out. The temperature at 6am got up to the giddy heights of 0 degrees C, much warmer than yesterday.

It was my turn to be the helper at my son's playschool, so I spent the morning helping 3-year-olds thread coloured pasta onto wool, rolli out play-dough, and go to the toilet. I wiped down the tables and swept the floor after the 20 or so kids had had their morning tea, making that job last as long as possible, then joined them outside in the cold for a hour. Finally I mopped the toilet floor and walked Aiden back home.

Presumably it is a combination of the early mornings, this morning's class, and all the squatting and sweeping etc at playschool, but I am completely exhausted now. Various bits hurt, and my feet are very tired. I am glad my turn helping at playschool is over for the term!

I was tidying our games room when I got home and discovered some leftovers from last night's supper. I put the block of chocolate away in the cuboard with the jelly snakes but switched off the part of my brain telling me not to and ate the two double-coat Tim Tams. Last night I had two Tim Tams and 5 jelly snakes, still really good compared to my past history but enough to take me a bit over my allowance for yesterday.

I slept better last night, or would have but Aiden woke at 4am. Tim got up, but Aiden wanted his mummy. It is a bad time of night to get back to sleep - for me anyway - and it took me a while. Still a better night than many lately. To get enough sleep, I left our supper guests with my husband (we play Dungeons & Dragons) and went to bed at 9.30.

Only two more gym sessions between my and my birthday! I hope 4 in a row will be ok this week. I can go to bed early tonight.

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