Friday, January 6, 2012

Another day in the sickroom


Aiden was sick all last night and we only got a couple of hours of broken sleep. He slept most of today, only threw up twice but maybe because there wasn't anything left in his stomach. Still, he is keeping down diluted apple juice now.

Lack of sleep is one of my biggest triggers for unhealthy habits and today I gave into that a bit. My mum took my daughter out for a while today and was doing some shopping for me as well but they weren't home when I would usually have lunch and I was tired and hungry, so I snacked on crackers with high-fat dip and then some chocolate. The "snack" was twice as many calories as my planned lunch would have been. I just had clear soup and half a bread roll when they did get back with the food, but I was still approaching my calorie limit only half-way through the day. I would have had to be extremely restrictive at dinner to stay under, and I decided not to worry about it. I had intended today to be a diet-free day originally as mum was going to take me and the kids to a restaurant for lunch, but she couldn't because of Aiden being sick. It feels like a waste, spending a diet-free day on a hurried snack, but that was just how today turned out.

I also didn't exercise today, I am just exhausted. I had two naps while Aiden was sleeping. Life sometimes gets in the way and that is ok, that is why I have my five days a week plan. Hopefully I will get a good night's sleep tonight and get back on track tomorrow. I hope my poor baby is feeling better soon.

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