Friday, January 13, 2012



You may remember that back in October my jeans fell apart and I accidentally bought a replacement size too small, having blocked out the memory of going up a size the year before. I put the small ones in the drawer and sewed up the seam of the old ones. It is summer so I've mostly been wearing shorts, so I've sort of gotten away with it while hoping to lose weight. My black jeans also fell apart. Finally two days ago my blue jeans ripped again, beyond repair.

Despite being in the middle of summer, in Australia, we've had a really cold snap and I was back in warm clothes (even a cardigan one day -- don't tell me climate change doesn't exist!). I cobbled together my black jeans enough to get me to the shops.

Why not just wear something else, you ask?

I have plenty of T-shirts and pretty tops, but for the bottom half my entire wardrobe (in my current size) consists of:
* three pairs of gym shorts, not for public viewing
* blue jean shorts for hot weather
* grey work trousers that I wear to meet clients
* one dress that I wear with leggings

That's it. That is my entire wardrobe. I've only been buying things when I absolutely have to, because I'm going to lose some weight soon, right? Silly to spend money on clothes that I'll only be wearing for such a short time, right? Well, the months and years pass with me still this size.

I can't wear skirts or dresses because my thighs rub so painfully together. I like my work trousers but I can't wear comfortable sneakers with them.

So this morning I went and bought new blue and black jeans, in my current size. But I wasn't very happy about it.

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