Sunday, January 29, 2012

Late weigh-in: 79.5 kg


I thought I weighed myself yesterday but I don't seem to have written it down anywhere. I was a bit distracted. But on Saturday I was 79.5 kg and today 79.4, so I am going to assume 79.5 for my official weigh-in.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. Just about all of it was fun holiday stuff, but busy none the less and OMG lots of food. A week at the beach, then my dad visited for two nights, then the very next day the next lot of houseguests arrived: a total of seven slept here. Then yesterday was my daughter's 8th birthday party followed by a family BBQ lunch here and the last guests left just after 6 pm Sunday evening. I was so tired by then I wanted to weep, and I'm still feeling pretty exhausted this morning. But it is daughter's actual birthday today. We'll do something quiet, like go to the movies.

Last night in particular I was eating in search of some energy, shovelling in left-overs from the party and BBQ. Not healthy or sensible.

I did get in some exercise this weekend, though. Lots of Kinect. We did the dancing and adventure games and then my brother-in-law brought his new game Power Up Heros which involves kickboxing moves. I reckon a couple of hours of vigorous exercise on Saturday. I was pretty sore afterwards!

Time to turn the page on the past (yet again). I'm a bit divided about how to deal with my bad behaviour. My strategy so far has been to argue that there is no point beating myself up after the event and that guilt and misery doesn't help me to do better. But as Dr Phil would say, "How is that working for you?" Do I need to be tougher on myself? Give myself a stern talking-to after a binge? If it was a rare event I think it would be best to just forgive myself and move on. But my episodes of food debauchery are not rare at all.

I haven't been wearing my charm bracelet. It still only has two charms on it, nothing new for months. It has seemed more a reminder of failure than a motivator. But I just went and put it on. I will see and feel it on my wrist and remember to be good.

I am back to 79.5 kg, where I started. I don' think I can lose 4.5 kg (10 pounds) in a month to reach my original goal of 75 kg by the end of February; 4 weeks from now. I have lost January, so I will reset to end of March -- half a kilo per week.

I am so tired this morning that I feel very discouraged. I don't even know if I am up to exercising today. But I will put healthy food in my mouth.

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