Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not a great day


This is not turning out to be the best of weeks. This morning, a few minutes after breakfast, I suddenly felt extremely nauseous and then threw up. I've felt ... not really sick ... weak and tired and a bit dizzy all day. I had a nap on the lounge in the afternoon. Cancelled the kids' playdate with friends. Stayed home all day. No exercise.

You'd think that it would be easy to stay under calories when feeling ill, but unfortunately the kind of food that doesn't take much/any preparation is the processed high calorie kind. 2-min noodles for lunch. And home-delivered pizza for dinner. Greasy, urg. Not what I felt like eating, but neither did I feel like cooking. Tonight's planned dinner would have required too much work. Nothing much delivers around here. So pizza it was. At least the kids enjoyed it. They were so good all day, playing together. They always are, they are great kids.

It is nearly 8 pm and my husband still isn't home which I am not too happy about, considering he knows I am not feeling well and it means I have to get the kids to bed myself. But it is his second last day (in a very demanding job) before he takes two weeks holidays so I am sure he has good reason. I will try to be understanding and not cranky. He is working hard to support us. But some days I would rather he earn a bit less and we see him more often. At least the blood pressure medication is working and his blood pressure is back to normal.

I am tired and stressed and feel like I have wasted a day when there was so much I should have been doing. Working, exercising, gardening, making the kids' school holidays fun, housework... I got a new client today so I am now booked out until half-way through May. I have made sure I blanked out the April school holidays and I will let nothing interfere! I am too accomodating and worried about clients being unhappy if I take too long. But I just have to be up-front and risk losing their business. My kids need me too.

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