Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday weigh-in: 79.2 kg; up 0.2 kg


I have some kind of stomach bug with, well -- you know, the usual effects. Not pleasant.

I haven't been exercising much and my weight shot up earlier in the week when I had pizza one night for dinner and pizza leftovers for lunch the next day. For some reason, pizza seems to have that effect more than anything else. It's been creeping down since then, but not enough to get me back down to last Sunday's weight.

* Lose 0.5 kg (4.5 kg in 9 weeks)
No, see above. Not on track this week.

* Exercise five days a week
No, I exercised three days this week. Today is not looking good either, the abdominal cramps continue.

* Stay under calorie limit five days a week
I doubt it. I haven't tracked for the past few days, but my comfort foods (even when sick) have included chocolate biscuits and icecream and plenty of bread. Also the pizza. So we'll call that a no. I stayed under on three days that I'm sure about. Do calories still count when they come up again or go straight through?

My fluid intake has also been a bit low.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. I'll track today regardless of what I eat, I need to stay in the habit.

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