Monday, January 9, 2012

A day out and about


Good day is some ways, not so good for weight loss. Jasmine will be starting violin lessons this year and we went to meet her teacher this morning, we ended up staying an hour for what was essentially a first lesson plus a chat. I learned a lot too -- important if I am going to help her with practice -- and the teacher had a young son who whisked Aiden off to play on their Wii so a good time was had by all.

Then we spent the afternoon at Questacon, which is an excellent interactive science museum we have been to many times. Indeed, when the kids were smaller I had an annual pass a couple of years in a row and we went often. There are 7 "galleries" of things to do -- all hands-on. Today's activities included seeing how hard it was to lift your own body using various pulley systems, seeing how your eyes can be tricked into seeing a black and white photo as a colour one (that was amazing), and trying to throw a ball straight while you were being whisked around in a circle.

Partly because we were out and about all day, but mostly because I have PMS, I made some bad food choices and am way over my calorie limit. Magnum icecream! Chocolate! Even a few hot chips. No fruit and hardly any vegetables. Also, although I am feeling mentally and physically exhausted (again, mainly PMS), I haven't exercised today. Oh well, hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow. And even if I am not feeling better, I need to get back on track anyway.

I've been making good inroads on the huge mound of books I have to get finished by the end of February, but it is taking its toll. And if you think reading is fun and easy (yes, ok, usually it is), try reading 64 books of widely varying quality in six months. I read around 34 in the first four months at a more leisurely pace, but I am approaching the deadline now and the second half has to be disposed of rather quicker. I've been reading nearly a book a day (by neglecting my family and my paid work) and I am now down to 15. I just want it to be over! I definitely won't be judging again for a few years.

I'm feeling very tired and rather down. There is a temptation to write a miserable post about how I should just give up, but I know that I will feel differently in a day or so.

I had quite a nice day, considering. But, ye Gods, there are still about 4 weeks of school holidays to go! How am I going to entertain them every day! Arg!

Questacon photo by CIENTEC

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