Thursday, January 5, 2012

Five-year-old vomit machine


A really draining day. My five-year-old son Aiden has been vomiting all day. In the past when he's been sick it's generally only lasted a few hours then he'd get better. Today he started around 9 am and is still puking more than 12 hours later. He sleeps for a while then wakes when the pain in his stomach gets bad. He can't be keeping down much fluid, which is worrying. Hopefully he will be better in the morning, otherwise we might have to think about dehydration issues.

So, I didn't do any vigorous exercise today. I suppose I could conceivably jumped around to the Kinect between cradling my baby's head and cleaning up vomit; but it just wasn't a priority today. I also had a seven-year-old daughter who I couldn't take out anywhere and who had no-one to play with. When my husband got home I went out for a walk in the evening air, timing it exactly between two vomiting sessions. My body was grateful for the movement, but I was very tired after only half an hour stroll. I am just amazed that I turned to exercise rather than food for refreshment of the spirit.

On the food front, I did really well today. I stayed under my calorie limit even though it would have been easy to eat junk for an energy hit or to distract myself, or just because I was too busy to worry about eating healthily. My breakfast wasn't so great, interrupted as it was by the first vomit of the day so that my abandoned cereal went soggy and I had nutrition-free cruskits; but then I had left-over extra-vegetable healthy fried rice for lunch and chicken and vegetable stir-fry for dinner. And a couple of pieces of chocolate. Not a bad effort.

I guess it is finally sinking in that healthy people eat healthy food, at least most of the time. Duh, huh? Pretty obvious. Elle, over on Prior Fat Girl, was talking about how before she started to lose weight she thought that when she reached her goal she would be able to dive back into all the foods she was craving, but now she realises that she can never eat that way again (and doesn't want to). Food is no longer the focus of her day. One day I'll get to that point.

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