Monday, January 2, 2012



I scheduled today to be one of my non-exercise and non-diet days of the week as we had friends over for a barbeque lunch to celebrate the New Year and the last holiday day of some working folk.

I had already exercised five days in a row so was due for a break, and also knew I would be spending all morning cleaning (perhaps not vigorous exercise, but tiring all the same); but as it turned out I got plenty of aerobic exercise. Everyone was keen to use the Kinnect games and lots of jumping around was done by all. People took turns so my heart-rate wasn't consistently up, but over the five hours of the gathering I did plenty and will count that as a day "on".

As far as diet goes ... well ... I didn't track throughout the day as I usually do but due to my committment to track even on my "off" days I just sat down and tried to remember everything. It came to nearly 3000 calories. OMFG! Considering my usual limit is 1340 (plus extra earned by exercising), 3000 is pretty dramatic. New clause to my resolution: an "off" day does not mean an "eat everything" day! Two meals with lots of meat (dinner was left-overs) was a large part of that count.

I just remembered a glass of milk with dinner. That will probably take me over 3000.

Aside from that, it was a lovely day. In particular, the exercise was fun rather than work. And it was nice to spend the day with friends and family instead of the everlasting reading I have been doing lately.

I have always liked the quote "moderation is for monks". Nevertheless, I need to be a bit more monkish.

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