Monday, January 23, 2012

Post-holiday post


I just spent a week at Surfer's Paradise, a beach town in sunny Queensland. We couldn't decide between two hotels so spent three nights in each. In the first we had a two-bedroom apartment with full kitchen and laundry, lovely resort pool and indoor heated pool, one block from the beach and two from shops and restaurants. In the second it was more motel-style inside (but still a separate kids bedroom), two whole blocks from the beach, but with fantastic kids facilities of water slides, adventure playground, and kids club childcare service so Tim & I could go off on our own. We also went to two theme parks: Seaworld (dolphin shows, aquarium, jet ski trick show) and Wet&Wild (giant terrifying water slides and a wave pool). It was a lovely holiday with narry a flaw aside from a bit of sunburn.

Health-wise it was never going to be ideal. I didn't do any exercise other than walking around and splashing in the pools. We ate at restaurants twice a day and had ice creams most afternoons. On the other hand, we only had entrees twice and dessert once the whole time, and apart from ice creams we rarely ate anything between meals. I tried to eat whatever salad or vegetables were on my plate and bought some fruit to keep in our room (Aiden ate most of that, but I did have some grapes.) I only had one alcoholic drink a day, some juice and lemonade but mainly water. I think I was pretty moderate, considering.

I weighed myself this morning; 80.2 kg, up exactly 1 kg (2.2 pounds). I was actually pretty pleased with that, I feared a several kilo gain.

The rest of this week will continue to be a challenge, we have a constant stream of visitors and/or houseguests for the next six days culminating in Jasmine's 8th birthday party. But I will be in control of shopping and cooking so I have no real excuse. I will prepare mostly healthy food; and if I serve snacks I don't have to eat them! Finding time to exercise will also be tricky, but I will manage it. I always feel extra determined and motivated after a period of unhealthy living, I think my body is starting to crave real food and exercise.

photo by anthony cramp

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