Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weight Watchers


I've decided to stop struggling along alone and have joined Weight Watchers. Whatever I have been doing obviously hasn't been working and I need help. I'll be going to meetings (on Friday mornings) and tracking my food with ProPoints.

I get 26 ProPoints per day plus an extra 49 per week plus more when I exercise. I am still exploring the site and haven't been to a meeting yet so I'm not sure if they have specific exercise recommendations.

I am committing to this fully for 3 months, after which time I will decide if it is working for me. It is 1st February 2012 today. The Christmas/holiday period was challenging, but the upcoming 3 months shouldn't have any major hurdles -- Valentine's Day and my husband's birthday are just one day each.

I will still earn Pandora charms for weight loss, sticking to the plan each month, and regular exercise; plus I will come up with some specific Kinect goals like getting a score of 12,000 on JustDance3 (I think that is a "perfect" score which might not be possible -- maybe 11,800 or something?) or a platinum result on intermediate or advanced on KinectAdventures.

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