Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The first couple of days


I've been following the Weight Watchers ProPoints plan for two days (using online resources, I'll go to my first meeting tomorrow) and of course it hasn't been plain sailing.

Why "plain sailing"? In what way is untroubled sailing "plain"?

Anyway, firstly I've had a horrible headache for most of those two days. It is throbbing away in my forehead, behind and above my eyebrows, which seems to indicate sinus problems. Tim had it for a couple of days before I got it, and I don't really have any other symptoms -- no runny nose or other cold/flu indications. Hopefully it will be gone soon. I exercised for half an hour with the Kinect yesterday and it was like wading through molasses, I just had no energy. I later walked the kids to and from a playdate in the afternoon and getting up the hill was an effort. Today I didn't exercise.

As far as I can tell, WW recommendation is for 30 mins exercise "most days".

The second issue I had was that yesterday was my children's swimming lesson. This term it is late Wednesday afternoon, and by the time they are both finished and changed it is past our usual dinnertime -- and I haven't even started cooking! So I had (pre-WW) decided that we would get take-away on Wednesday nights on the way home, probably roast chicken and hot chips. So we did. It cost 19 ProPoints out of my 26, taking me over by 10 for the day. Luckily I have an extra weekly allowance of 49 to use.

Today, as the weather has turned unseasonably cold (again: it is a really weird year), I made a casserole. And realised that I can do that on Wednesday nights! With mashed potato and salad it was 11 ProPoints. I can come home to dinner ready instead of getting unhealthy take-away. Of course it won't be so nice on stinking hot days, but at least it is an option.

Third challenge will be our Dungeons & Dragons game tonight. This is traditionally my night to stuff myself with junk food, but not tonight. By filling up on vegetables today, I still have 4 ProPoints left -- the equivalent of about 2 freddo frogs -- so I can have a treat, but not too much. My contribution will be vegetable sticks and dip. I might cut up some apples too.

I just wish this effing headache would go away.

I am excited about my first meeting tomorrow.

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