Thursday, February 2, 2012

My first Weight Watchers meeting


I had my first WW meeting this morning. I dragged the kids along with their Nintendo DSs and they were fine sitting on the reception lounge. From next week, of course, they will be at school. I was one of only five people there (all middle-aged women like myself) plus two leaders, I don't know if this is typical. Maybe more will come next week when school is back as it is probably a mother's timeslot. One lady was new last week.

At home this morning I had weighed-in at 78.8 kg, but at WW -- fully dressed and with shoes, and after breakfast -- I officially weighed 80.2 kg. My goal weight is 58.

After a one-on-one chat which covered all the things I had learned online about the program, today's session was about Filling and Healthy foods. There is a variant where you eat healthy foods all day and don't have to track, not recommended for me yet as I need to track to learn. But filling and healthy food choices are good for everyone, obviously. I enjoyed the meeting, it was relaxed and friendly.

The leader, Catherine, asked about challenges we had in the past week. I mentioned last night's supper. I provided vegetable sticks with dip and some apple slices. And herbal tea. Other people brought lollies, wine, biscuits, and about six blocks of chocolate. I love chocolate. I had 4 ProPoints left from my day's allowance but I ended up eating 11 -- so I used 7 extra from my weekly stash. I felt that this was a bit of a fail, but Catherine gave me a smily star sticker and said I was fabulous. a) I provided healthy food, b) I tracked everything I ate, even when it wasn't ideal, and c) I made the guests take home all the leftovers so there wasn't any junk to tempt me. It was a very nice spin on the event and made me feel empowered and motivated.

I still have my headache and so don't plan to exercise today, which is a bummer.

Kids back at school next week! My exercise plan is:
Monday: BodyPump
Tuesday: Kinect
Wednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: Kinect
Friday: no exercise (WW meeting)
Saturday: BodyStep or family fun
Sunday: BodyStep or family fun

When the weather is right I may substitute a run around the lake some days. Or I might get up half an hour early and go for a shorter run locally. I'm not sure if I will renew my gym subscription in April, I'm prefering the out-of-gym activities more at the moment.

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