Monday, February 20, 2012


more Tuesday:

Aiden slept all afternoon -- I had hoped he would wake feeling well enough for me to pop up to the shops to grab dinner. But he stayed asleep. I tried to find a Chinese restaurant that would home deliver on a Tuesday and would take a credit card to do so -- no luck. Nothing in the house I could make a meal of. So I ordered pizza. I was already feeling pretty down, now I feel bloated and miserable and a failure.

I had 11 ProPoints left for the day; plenty of weekly ones as well so I was prepared to use a few of those. I ate half a pepperoni pizza, as usual: 21 PP. And a slice of cheesy garlic bread (not usual): another 4 PP. And a little chocolate cake (never before): I've guesstimated another 8 PP but for all I know it could have been more. 33 ProPoints in one meal! Well over a whole day's allowance. And not a single vegetable. No wonder I feel yuck.

I felt like I had no choice, but there is always a choice. I could have ordered something for Tim & Jasmine but had toast and an apple myself. I could have had two slices of pizza for about 10 PP and that apple. Sure I didn't have much food in the house but there is probably even some tinned tuna. No-one made me eat half a pizza plus extras I don' t even usually have.

I was craving junky food all afternoon. Just because I'm tired and stressed, probably.

I woke Aiden at 6 pm after he'd been asleep for more than 4 hours because I didn't want him to be awake all night, but he wasn't interested in food (vegemite toast, not pizza!) and just wanted to sleep so I gave him a very quick bath and put him back to bed. He has the best eating habits in this house, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and doesn't eat when he isn't hungry.

Goodness he looked thin in the bath. All ribs and spine and shoulder blades.

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