Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tricky week


Weigh-in is tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. The first two weeks I expected a big loss and didn't get it; this week I didn't exercise at all due to illness and have the least weekly ProPoints left over so far so I don't think I will have a loss at all. It's not just guesswork either, I weigh myself every day at home and as of this morning I was 300 grams heavier than I was last Friday.

So, where did I go wrong? I couldn't help being sick, I'm not worried about the lack of exercise. I'm feeling much better today, finally. The PP blowout was really only on Tuesday with the pizza, other days I've only gone over my daily PP by a couple. Tuesday was a biggie though. I didn't have take away after swimming on Wednesday, I didn't have D&D supper this week, no other binges. Probably shouldn't have made chilli lemon chicken tonight, quite a bit of oil in the marinade and it ended up costing more PP than I expected. Within the budget though, more or less.

Overall I am still on track with the food, I just had one bad day. One bad meal, really.

To work on: getting back into exercise, obviously. Fitting more dairy into my diet -- if I don't have cheese with a meal some days I'm having nothing more than the milk in my tea, and that isn't enough.

On the rest-of-life front I have decided that the internet is a huge time suck-hole. Anyone else noticed that? So it's banned during work hours, and reduced other times. Read a few less blogs, a few less amusing memes. I need more time for other stuff.

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