Friday, February 10, 2012


Still Saturday:

I just earned a Pandora charm! Yay!

On Just Dance 3, on the Kinect, I think it scores you out of 12,000 (even with a search online, no one seems sure) and I consider anything over 10,000 a good score. I think that is the point it gives you 5 stars. I suppose a perfect score is theoretically achievable, but I decided to aim for 11,800; allowing for a few "good" moves instead of all "perfect". My favourite dance track is "Think" and I have been working on it quite a bit. I do it every time I use Just Dance 3, and today I just did it over and over, getting a slightly better score every time. I went from about 11,400; up by small increments each time. And finally hit 11,824!!!! Go me!

This is on the easy setting, btw, but still damn good.

I tried one more time after that but was a bit tired and my score went back down in the vicinity of 11,400.

I am going to get myself a lovely Pandora charm to celebrate dance skill, persistance, and regular exercise.

I haven't worked out my next Dance goal, maybe getting a certain score on difficult, or maybe something like getting 11,800 on several more tracks. I don't think I have come close to that score for any other song, although I generally get 10,000 for most.

When I hit this goal I also got an in-game achievement but was too focused to see what it was: maybe "Perfectionist" -- 90% perfect moves. I could go for their gold achievements of "Highway to the Stars" -- a 5 star rating on 10 songs in a row; and "Constellation Maker" -- 5 stars on every song!

I feel quite proud of myself.

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