Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A bit unwell


Yesterday I threw up my breakfast then felt queasy on and off all day -- although it didn't stop me eating! Today I feel a bit tired and weak. I probably just have Aiden's cold, and swallowing a huge multi-vitamin was too much for a slightly unwell tummy. Or something.

I did a "week 3" WW quiz to find out how much exercise I should be doing and it came up with 21 activity ProPoints to earn. In my first week I earned 16. I think the WW minimum is 14 but the quiz revealed that I not completely unfit so I can do more than that. I've done a lot more this week and will hit 22 today with just walking the kids to and from school (luckily, as I don't feel up to anything more strenuous). You self-rate exercise as low, moderate, or high intensity -- obviously walking to school is low -- and get a lot more points for high intensity. It's my last day of week 2 (counting weigh-in Friday as day 1) today, so just made it to my goal.

Last week this time a combination of bad food and TOM sent my weight up quite a bit, this week the same foods (D&D supper and takeaway after swimming lesson) have merely caused my weight to stay the same for a couple of days. So I think TOM did have a big effect.

Tired and headachy, but I need to get some work done.

Really looking forward to my WW meeting tomorrow.

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