Friday, February 10, 2012



Ah, the irony. The day after my weigh-in, my weight finally drops back down by a whole half-kilo. Of course it doesn't matter at all that it wasn't included in my last official weigh-in! Much as I would have liked to see a big loss in my little book, I am just happy to know that it was just TOM weight and the numbers are still going down.

My supermarket had little packets of Twinings black tea on special last week -- 10 tea bags in each box -- so I bought seven different varieties to try. I have always favoured English Breakfast, but I couldn't resist the cute little boxes. And you never know. I didn't like the Russian Caravan at all, a bit bitter or something. Prince of Wales was nice if a little mild. Australian Afternoon was great, a new contender. Still a few more to try.

Until very recently I drank tea rarely, maybe once a week as a social thing when chatting with other mothers in a playgroup. (I don't drink coffee at all, and even hate the smell.) But when I started trying to get healthy I cut down on chocolate and suddenly began drinking tea every day. I guess I was getting my caffine fix from chocolate before. Now I have two cups a day and could drink more if I let myself -- I don't want to as I still have sugar in it and also don't wanted to increase my need for caffine. I've gradually cut my heaped teaspoon of sugar down to a bit less than a level teaspoon. I have also switched from full-fat milk to 2%. I can drink plain black tea but don't really enjoy it -- so why do it? I'll slowly reduce the sugar at a rate that is comfortable for me.

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