Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Yesterday I felt pretty crampy and tired all day and got Wednesday-night takeaway again. Didn't exercise, didn't drink enough water, hardly ate any vegetables. And this morning my weight was up a tiny bit more, although that could be partly to do with my period starting.

But: despite the PMS I only ate one tiny fun-size chocolate bar yesterday. I only ate into 7 of my weekly ProPoints, which is barely more than a good day (although the content of those calories wasn't so healthy). Usually PMS sends me on an eating rampage where I somehow give myself permission to abuse my body "to make me feel better". And this morning, although I still don't feel great, I went for a walk and have had a healthy and balanced lunch. So I feel back on track.

I really want to have a good weigh-in at my second Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow. One of my focusses (foci?) today is drinking enough, I need to flush out all this extra salt.

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