Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trying new foods


I've had a good weekend; exercised both days, healthy food. Didn't do much else. I've had these 64 books to read and judge for an award, and yesterday I finally finished the last one! Now I get my life back. I hardly know what to do with myself. Well, what I have been doing is more reading -- but for pleasure now. I'm reading Game of Thrones -- I've read the first two before but I am starting again from the beginning and will read all five straight. Great books, great writing.

I'm trying not to wish my life away, at the moment. I keep looking forward to future things -- big, like when I have lost this excess weight; and small, like my favourite TV shows -- instead of enjoying the moment.

I love cooking and I have a big recipe folder as well as plenty of cookbooks; but today I started to put together my own healthy recipe book, called "Path to Petite" after this blog. It is only going to have meals that fit well into a healthy lifestyle and promote weightloss. I started with the roast tomato soup that I made for lunch today. It is adapted from a Delicious magazine recipe but with a lot less butter and a bit less bother. I'm taking photos of my food for it too, but having some problems downloading the photos from my camera. I'll add those later.

I'm on a mission to try new foods. I made five new recipes in the past two weeks (three good, two not so much), and I have also tried (or tried again) three vegetables I don't usually have. Button squash, sweet potato, and parsnip. I still didn't like any of them, but at least I tried! The parsnip and squash were edible, I suppose. I'll keep finding new things to taste.

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