Friday, February 3, 2012

Virgin Fat


This morning my home scales read 78.2 kg! I am into virgin fat territory! And in the three days I have been on Weight Watchers, I have lost 1.7 kg (3.7 pounds). I know that a lot of that is water loss (especially since I have been peeing like a racehorse) but in this case I am happy about that. Lately I have been troubled with water retention, giving me swollen feet and almost-cankles. Not quite sure why, but I seem to be shedding all the extra fluid and I am much more comfortable.

It is lovely to finally be down into virgin fat. When I started recording my weight last July, seven months ago, I weighed 79.6 kg and since then I have fluctuated between a high of 80.9 and a low of 78.7 (four times). It is great to finally get down through that barrier.

So what am I doing differently? I haven't been doing much exercise, because of my nasty headache (a lot better so far today), and I have still had "sometimes food" every day. But I have had a lot more vegetables, and smaller serves of meat and carbs. Lunch today -- instead of, for instance, a toasted cheese sandwich with butter, white bread and full fat cheese -- was 100g of chicken breast stir-fried in a teaspoon of olive oil and some oyster sauce with a huge mound of finely sliced vegetables, all the colours of the rainbow. Total of 5 ProPoints, healthy and filling.

I'd had brown rice already on the plan and it was 2 ProPoints for a little scoop so I got a rude shock last night when I coded up my Jasmine rice with dinner. It was 6 ProPoints for the same amount! Much less healthy, of course, but still a big difference.

I went for a 40 min walk this morning, briskly enough to work up a sweat and make my thighs burn. Good to get some exercise in.

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