Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Canberra Show


Health has continued fickle, I've had a couple of well days and then plunged back into the horrible depths of ... well, very mild illness. Yesterday was probably my worst, with nasty diarrhoea.

Thus my exercise has been very intermittent so far this week. It has rained every day but I have at least walked the kids to and from school every day except yesterday. I've only done more vigorous exercise twice.

We went to Canberra Show (agricultural fair) on Sunday and I did pretty well with the food. Instead of indulging in everything and taking home at least one showbag; I had half a donut, some chicken and pad thai for lunch, and a few bites of samples. No sugary "home made" lemonade (I brought a water bottle, and grapes, from home), and no show bag. I tried to focus on watching the wood chopping and sheep dog trials and dog agility and all the pretty cows.

It is always frustrating when your momentum is stalled by illness, but hopefully I am on the mend now.

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