Thursday, March 1, 2012

WW Week 5: 78.1 kg; down 1.1 kg


Woo hoo! 1.1 kg! A nice balance for last week's small loss of 0.1. So in my first 4 weeks of Weight Watchers I have lost 2.1 kg. Perfectly on track for 0.5 kg (about 1 pound) per week.

There is itself is a milestone. I stayed on a "diet" for a whole month! One that allowed me my little splurges, to be sure, but still a big change to my usual eating habits. And I stuck to it! Under my ProPoints every week. This has meant a lot of resisting junky foods. For example, I've had some little fun-size packets of Burger Rings left over from D&D sitting in the cupboard for about 3 weeks. I had one packet in that time, as a tracked and budgeted treat. This afternoon I thought about having the last one. I got it out and looked at it. I could have had it, that would have been ok. But I put it back, and decided to go the healthy option of a bowl of home-made tomato soup for the same number of PP. Then after school the kids had a playdate at a friend's house. I had a cup of tea and a slice of watermelon. There were several varieties of biscuits offered. I looked at the mini oreos and knew that I could have one at any time if I really wanted it. But I wasn't hungry, the watermelon was lovely, I just didn't need a biscuit -- however small. So I didn't have it. This is such a big change for me.

To celebrate a whole month of Weight Watchers I bought myself another charm. It is a very pretty one, purple enamel flowers. Now I have four! Of course I won't get a charm for every month I stick to WW, just this first one. I will have other goals to reach.

Exercise is one, of course. Illness disrupted my routine so I didn't reach my exercise goal for February, but I plan to in March. 21 activity PP per week. Or more! When this endless rain stops I also want to get back to walking/jogging around the lake and get my time down to 45 mins. Back to the gym as well. When I finish this current work project (hopefully tonight or tomorrow!) I have a couple of weeks before the next one. I have plenty to catch up on in that time, but I will also devote a lot of time to exercising.

I stayed for the WW meeting today, it was about spicing things up to not get bored. This is not really an issue for me yet, but we talked about trying new foods and new kinds of exercise. I'm doing that all the time anyway. I didn't sit next to complainy woman today, I had a great chat with a woman visiting from Qld so I had a nice time. And lost 1.1 kg! Yay!

Starting weight: 80.2 kg
Week 5: 78.1 kg (down 2.1 kg)
5% goal: 76.2 kg
Final goal: 58 kg

BTW, my home scales (pre-breakfast, pjs & no shoes) said 76.9 kg this morning. The first time I've been under 77 kg for ages.

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