Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A challenging day


It's the last day of week 5 in WW and I am experiencing my first real challenges. It is that TOM and I woke up feeling utter crapness. I got into my gym gear but while walking the kids to school I decided not to exercise today, or at least not this morning. No one should have to exercise feeling like this! Unfair! Why is the world so mean and demanding! I was going to slam the door in the world's face.

But on the walk back home I caught up with a neighbour pushing her pram. "Going to the gym?" she asked, noting my attire.

"Um," I stuttered. "Actually I use the Kinect to exercise at home." Feeling guilty because I wasn't actually going to.

She asked if it was a good workout (a lot of home games aren't really that intense, as I have found out myself) so I demonstrated, there on the footpath, leaping around guiding the raft over obstacles for River Rush. And decided that, since I had told her I was going to do it, that I would just have to.

So I went home and did an hour. And got platinum on the one that had been eluding me, so I had all the basics. Then went on and got a lot of the intermediates, mostly first time. It was weird, I was just flying through them even though I still felt like rubbish. Really odd.

I've been struggling with my food ever since I started this crazy level of exercise (well, seems crazy to me -- some people just live like this!). I only had 5 weeklies left and after my afternoon tea I had eaten all my daily PP and those 5 weeklies and had started in on my earned activity points. I had a total of 47 PP today! Arg! And I'm feeling a need for some ice cream.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in and the start of a new week. I'm looking forward to a clean slate.

This weekend is going to be a challenge too, we have a wedding to go to. I'll just have to be moderate, that's all. And keep up the exercise!

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