Monday, March 5, 2012

A sunny day


I woke up a bit sore after yesterday's exertions so after walking the kids to school I went for an extended stroll (it was also the first sunny day we've had for about a month, something like 75% of my state is flooded or under flood warning). Once I had loosened up, I came home and did another hour on the Kinect.

Trying to get platinum is so much harder than gold! This is going to take me a while, but that is ok. I certainly can't re-wear any of my gym gear after these sessions, they are utterly dripping with sweat, so I must be doing something right.

Later in the day I started to stiffen up. My shoulders are quite sore -- for a wonder NOT from RSI or torn rotator cuff -- in what I think of as my "flight muscles". The ones I would be using if I had wings. My legs are also sore, particularly the muscles around the knees. So I decided not to try for an extra exercise session tonight.

I got really hungry after the morning workout. I ate morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea in quick succession. I had a second afternoon tea when the kids got home from school, half a packet of rice crackers, which was a bit excessive. If I need more food to fuel the exercise that is ok but I have to make sure it is healthy stuff. Most of it was. After dinner I had a diet chocolate mousse, taking me 10 PP into my weekly allowance. I could easily eat a lot more. Mmmm, cheese.

Ok, I just ate some cheese. And grapes. But I earned more than I over-consumed today.

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