Saturday, March 3, 2012

The rain it raineth every day


In this corner of the world it has been raining and raining and raining. A couple of years ago we were at the end of a ten year drought and all the dams were running dry. Now some are overflowing. It's the third day of autumn and apparently we had the whole of March's average rainful in the first day before 8 am! We hardly had a summer at all -- not that I am complaining about that, I hate the heat. But this endless rain is getting a little tiresome. The rug rats are getting bored stuck inside all the time.

On the up side I finished my big project this morning after spending three more hours on it. Well, there will be a little more to do when the client responds to my comments, but the pressure is off. Since my next client has postponed, I have a little window of a couple of free weeks. And I am going to exercise! Oh, and so much else (like calling half a dozen tradesmen before the house falls down), but lots of exercise.

I was stressing this morning about my continued inability to do up my own bra -- my husband or daughter do it up in the morning but it means I can't have a shower after exercise and then put a normal bra on, only a saggy crop top that doesn't make a flattering shape under clothes. My left arm just doesn't have the mobility, since my torn rotator cuff, to get behind my back. At least I can undo with one hand! Anyway, this morning I had a bit of a breakthrough; I could get on my sports bra by putting it on back to front then wriggling it around and pull the straps over my shoulders. I tried it later with a normal bra and couldn't do it, so I think it might have something to do with the elderly elastic on the sports bra -- but I think my healing shoulder and my slightly decreased girth also helped.

This doesn't solve the problem of dressing after exercise, but it does help going the other way. For instance, I want to look for a new dress this week and wearing a nicely shaped bra is important to the trying-on process. But I also want to exercise every day. This way I can shop first then come home and change into my sports bra without anyone to help me. Yay. Of course, after my shower I'll still then have to put on ugly bra, but it's still an improvement.

Actually, I might wear my new-ish grey dress. I don't think that side of the family have seen it. And it doesn't matter if they have. I would rather get a new dress in May for a big event -- gives me another two months to lose more weight! Someone said each new dress size is about six kilos, so I should make it.

I exercised this morning, using the Kinect again. River Rush on Kinect Adventures. Exhausting! If you haven't tried it; you are on a virtual raft zooming down a turbulent river, steering to collect tokens and jumping over obstacles. It's the jumping that kills me. After a while the sensor no longer acknowleges that I am lifting my feet. I am jumping, I am! Just not very high.

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