Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gold Medal


Yesterday I started on my project of getting gold for every level of every activity in Kinect Adventures. I only did half an hour then as I had other stuff to do -- and because I've only been doing half an hour of exercise lately.

This morning I did an hour. I managed to get gold for the three basic and three medium in each of the five games. I was really enjoying the challenge and I really only stopped because the kids were bugging me for their turn on the Kinect. More than half of that hour was really intense activity.

Several times during the day I considered having another go, but dismissed the thought. I mean; that's just not me, is it. For me, exercise is more "thank god that is over for the day". But after the kids were in bed I got back into my gym clothes -- actually different gym clothes, this morning's were dripping sweat -- and started working on getting gold on the advanced level of each game.

I got that done in less than an hour, I only had to repeat a couple of stages. So I started trying to get platinum -- the highest award. This was tougher. I already had a couple of platinum in the easier games, but I tried River Rush. Gold. Tried again. Gold. I must have done that first level six or seven times. I nearly gave up, especially when my score started getting worse each time instead of better, but I kept on. And finally got platinum! Yay! That felt pretty good.

I'd been exercising for an hour and was a bit tired. But I didn't want to stop. So I tried Reflex Ridge, which is the other really energetic game. I got a platinum. Tried level two. Gold. Tried again and again and on about the fourth try finally got it. Go me!

There was a part of me that wanted to continue but I was starting to worry about how my body would feel tomorrow -- I want to be able to exercise then too. So I stopped. After a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes today. I earned 23 activity ProPoints; and for a mark of reference, I get to eat 26 a day. Not bad.

And do you know when I was tiredest? After the first 15 minutes this morning. Once I pushed through that, I was fine.

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