Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finally getting somewhere


My body is tired and achy and I am sick of sitting around feeling yuck and watching other people have fun. Oh well, maybe I'll be better tomorrow.

The weight loss is going really well. I stuck to my 26 PP again yesterday and this morning my weight was down another 400 g -- 75.8 kg. OMG I'm under 76. That is awesome. But I measured my waist and it was 101 cm, exactly the same as when I measured 8 weeks ago. Odd. I suppose it is hard to be accurate. My stomach feels a little bit smaller. I guess 3 kg doesn't make that much difference.

3 kg down from when I started WW. 4.2 kg down from my arbitrary weight-loss starting point of 80 kg. More than 7 kg down from my all-time high of around 83 kg. Finally getting somewhere.

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