Thursday, March 15, 2012

WW weigh-in no. 7: 78.2 kg, down 0.3 kg


I basically lost what I gained last week, giving me an overall loss of exactly 2 kg. While I am happy with that considering the week I've had, I am no longer going to be happy with settling for a small loss after my own bad (and completely within my control!) eating. From this day forth (I shout to the heavens) I will get my eating under control. Events like a weekend away will not be an excuse to go back to bad habits. This weekend we will have a couple of houseguests but I have planned mainly healthy foods that I would be eating anyway. For snacks I will serve a cheese platter, fruit, and some biscuits that I don't like (but my husband does).

I really enjoyed today's WW meeting. It was about not depriving yourself as that is not sustainable over the long term. I was just thinking about that very topic yesterday, I have bought a few different little "treats" in mini serving sizes; like freddo frogs and diet mousse, all around 2 or 3 PP each which I can fit into my week. It was quite a lively meeting, we had 3 new people join today and the guy who came last week turned up again, so it is no longer all elderly ladies. The youngish man is the only guy there and also the biggest person. He didn't say a word last week, and I was sitting directly in front of him so not a good position to be welcoming, but today I was almost next to him and included him in my little cluster when we had a group discussion and he was quite willing to chat and contribute. The other new people were cowering right up the back of the room so I didn't get to talk to them. The annoying lady wasn't sitting near me and she barely said a word today, which was good; in fact I think I spoke up most! This meeting is a new group in a new timeslot this year so it is still small, I hope it continues to grow. I shall feel quite the veteran soon.

I finished shopping for my husband's birthday presents and did the grocery shopping. I always get home for a late lunch on Fridays and I'm usually starving but I don't give in to the lure of the food court. I take some fruit or other healthy snack with me for morning tea after the meeting then just wait until I get home.

I'm feeling a bit tired and headachy this afternoon but it is so nice that I finished one project last night (at 10.30 pm!) and I don't start the next until Monday. No pressures. I'd go and have a nap but I have to pick up the kids in half an hour. Maybe I will after I get them.

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