Thursday, March 22, 2012

A new week


I missed my Weight Watchers meeting this morning after all, despite being firm last night that I was going to go. But I didn't skip it because of the weight gain (by home scales, I'm up 0.6 kg from last Friday), but because I was feeling unwell. I walked the kids to school, dragged myself home, and went back to bed. After a nice nap I do feel a bit better, I'll have to go out and shop later because I am not getting more take away!

I am recommitting to my Weight Watchers diet today. In the spirit of breaking challenges into small chunks, I am just looking at this week for now. I did it for the first month, I can do it again. I'll focus on vegetables and other healthy foods, and eat my daily PP each day and only a few weekly PP. I will not gorge in the afternoons. My snacks will be fruit and/or yoghurt, and vegetables if I want them -- I am going to make some vegetable soup today. I will combat hunger with lean protein and complex carbohydrates -- and learn to deal with a little bit of hunger in the lead up to my next meal.

When I feel better, of course I will exercise. I am really enjoying the various Kinect games and there are plenty more to buy when I get bored with these ones. I'd like to get something that incorporates weight lifting, and buy hand weights, since I no longer go to BodyPump. Autumn is a lovely time to re-start running 5k around the lake, with the initial goal of getting under 45 mins and the eventual goal of running the whole way instead of about 1/5 of it (I currently walk a lot, run a bit). I'm not worried about the exercise at the moment, I've proved I can do that -- although of course I don't want to lose my momentum -- I am really concentrating on getting food back on track. Maybe not exercising for a couple of days while I am sick will help with that.

Despite my runny eyes and headache I am feeling motivated this morning to do this. I'm going to fight the weight back down and show an overall loss for March.

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