Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kicking dancing's butt


I felt like my knees had done a lot of high impact jumping over the past three days and needed a little rest, so this morning I swapped to Just Dance 3. I printed out the song list so that I could mark them off and started on my challenge to get five stars for every song (on easy). For today I decided to get at least four stars before moving on to the next song. I only had to do one song twice to achieve this; I did 13 songs in an hour and got five stars for 8 of them, four stars for the rest.

I've done every song at least once in the past (my favourites many times) but I don't know how to find out what score I got for them so I am just going to do them all again. I think there are 48 songs altogether, not including the mash-ups you earn. I'll get at least fours stars on all of them then go back and work on the ones I need to to get five stars on everything.

The dancing was a decent workout but it just couldn't compare to what I have been doing the past few days. I was sweaty but not dripping; hot but not overheated; tired but not exhausted. Just not good enough! So I did half an hour of Kinect Adventures and after 20 mins I finally got the River Rush that has been eluding me! I spent so long getting that one, it was a real achievement.

I now have platinum in all the basic adventures except one (in Rallyball). Last one, then I move on to intermediate. I still couldn't get the Rallyball one today, I spent my last 10 mins on it but then decided I'd done enough for the morning.

My weight has gone UP slightly every day since I've been doing all this exercise, even after then first day when I didn't eat any more than usual. What's up with that? I'm now heavier than I was last Friday on official weigh-in day. I've got less than 48 hours to go before I weigh in at WW, and I'm having take-away tonight ... Oh well, regardless of fluctuating weight I know that all this exercise is good for me.

photo by Amanda Schutz

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