Friday, March 30, 2012



This morning I did a bit over an hour of Kinect Adventures. I finished earning a platinum medal for every single level in every game -- the highest award -- and thus yet another charm! This is a great month for my bracelet. Then I did some time trials (the same games but scored differently, against the clock instead of collecting points, and therefore not earning another charm) and finished basic and intermediate for each game.

I knew I was going to do some more exercise in the afternoon, PowerUp Heros with the family, so I didn't shower or change. Mistake. My clothes were wet with sweat and quickly became cold and clammy. I hated the feeling. After eating and digesting our lunch we started to play, but I felt all yuck. We were playing a round robin with the four of us so I spent half the time sitting on the side, freezing in my damp clothes and never really warming up until Tim & I played one-on-one. I only did 20 mins before rushing off for a lovely hot shower. I'll know next time to just shower and change as often as necessary.

I also managed to hurt my left shoulder at some point. My shoulders suck.

Anyway, I am all clean and fresh now. I've had my banana. Tim has walked up to the local shops with the kids to buy my Easter gift (I have asked for a controlled portion of chocolate this year, last year he got me a 1 kg Lindt bunny which was delicious but not great for weight loss, I think we worked out at my WW meeting yesterday that it would have been 123 ProPoints), so all is quiet.

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