Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not quite ready to dance


I feel much better today. The walk up to the school and then some frantic housework so that a tradesman could get to the things he was fixing didn't exhaust me. So after lunch I did some Kinect. 15 mins of PowerUp Heros was fine but I wasn't totally into it so I switched to Dance. I pushed through to the end of 15 mins so that I could have 30 mins total exercise today but I probably shouldn't have. I was dizzy and weak and panting. I did get 5 stars on Lollipop though!

I stuck to my PP again yesterday and was down another 100 g this morning. Excellent progress. When I got dressed, I realised that my belt was now way too loose! I had been on the last hole already (I think I always was) but today I punched a new hole with a combination of skewer, sharp knife, manicure scissors, and brute strength. A new belt hole! Soon I'll be in my smaller jeans that I bought last October by accident.

Then I got to school with the kids, and a friend (Jodie) commented that I looked very trim today and asked if I had been keeping up the exercise! How lovely. I mentioned WW. I am used to being quite short, but Jodie is fairly tall and was dressed for work in high heels so it felt quite odd chatting up to her. Like a school kid talking to her teacher.

I made a modified version of cream of chicken soup for lunch today and was really looking forward to it -- I was even thinking about it in bed last night. Mmm, creamy soup. But it was quite disappointing. You just can't cut out 2/3 of the butter and 1/2 the cream and expect it to be the same. It didn't have any of the creamy thickness you get with the buttery roux. It was only 6 PP but left me hungry, I made a vegetable stir-fry afterwards for only 2 more PP (for the oil and oyster sauce).

Time to get the kids.

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