Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still eating too much


I'm still having the same problem I've been struggling with for the past few weeks. I'm exercising a lot but I am eating more as well; enough more than my weight is going up rather than down. My official weigh-in is tomorrow, but going by my home scales I am a couple of hundred grams heavier than last week. Two hundred grams isn't much, but it should be going down not up! This has been the pattern for a few weeks now.

I didn't exercise on Tuesday; I was really sore from all the kickboxing, especially my lower back. I had planned to still do some in the evening, but I had forgotten it was D&D night. People brought all healthy stuff again, except me, so I had some chocolate cake and that was all.

Wednesday was Tim's birthday and Jasmine chose PowerUp Heros, another Kinect game, to give him. Similar to kickboxing but not as intense because you do other things as well as punching and kicking. I played that a bit, both by myself and in competition, and also did Just Dance 3 and got 5 stars on three more dances. Over two hours in total, plus the usual walking to and from school. I timed myself on that today and now that they have put this big fence up around the school and I have to walk right around to get to the kindergarten, it takes 10 mins each way (I timed it when alone, it is probably slower with the kids). So 40 mins a day of slow to brisk walking. Gets me 2 activity ProPoints.

We went out to dinner and had entree (calamari) and main (duck) but no dessert, and one glass of wine. Not really excessive in calorie intake, I had some potato but didn't eat much of my rather boring couscous that came with the duck, but we should have ordered a side salad as it was nearly all meat. A mouthful of lettuce under my calamari was all I got, and Tim had to scavenge the little salads that came with the kid's meals. Each plateful was basically a big lump of meat with some starchy carbs and sauce. Very different to what I usually have these days.

It was a late night for the kids, and although I got to bed at my usual time I was feeling very sleepy last night and this morning, and my eyes are watering profusely. I might leave exercise until this afternoon and then do some Kinect games with the kids.

On Tuesday afternoon I had a cup of tea with friends while our kids had a playdate and followed Jodie's new kitten around -- and I stopped at one Mint Slice and then moved the plate away from me! -- and talked to my dietician friend Caroline about the exercise/hunger problem. What I wanted was "You can eat whatever you want as long as you ... " She basically said to eat more vegetables. Sigh. When I am ravenous I don't feel like vegetables! But there you go.

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