Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eating too much


Ok, I'm having a really bad week in terms of Weight Watchers. I used all my weekly ProPoints over the weekend. I was therefore supposed to just use my daily PP each day, plus maybe a couple of extra earned with activity.


Last night we had the usual D&D supper. Weirdly, everyone brought healthy stuff. Two people brought grapes. One brought a bag of carrots! I provided donuts. And there was one small block of chocolate. There wasn't as much junk to eat as usual -- but I shouldn't have had any!

Today was the late swimming lesson, when we often get take-away. Not this week, I vowed! I made a casserole, which would be hot and ready when we got home. The last couple had been overcooked and dry, so I only gave this one two hours. Got home tired and hungry. It wasn't anywhere near ready. Underdone soup. So we went out again and got fried chicken & chips.

I've earned 28 activity PP this week, and used 24 of them.

I don't think there is a specific reason why I have been eating so much. Just an intersection of hunger and opportunity.

My weight is slightly down so I still have hopes of a loss this week. But not a big one. I'd be grateful for any loss at all.

On the other hand, my exercise has been going quite well. I've been working through Just Dance 3 and have at least 4 stars in every dance, many with 5 stars. I walked to the fruit shop today, as well as back and forth to the school three times. I'll need to get back into working next week (I've only been doing a little these past couple of weeks) so I've been thinking about how to manage that.

From Monday, I will get up at 7 am. Not too hideously early, but a bit earlier than my usual 7.30. Quick breakfast then 30-45 mins exercise until 8 am. (Or breakfast after exercise if I can't force it down before.) Get ready for work/school and walk the kids up. Actually work during my kid-free time. Pick up kids and then change and exercise again. This solves the duel problem of not having enough time to work and not being able to put on a bra by myself.

I'm going to try to move as much as possible outside my work time, even if this means shopping with the kids in tow. I do this sometimes anyway, they are very good. Coles now has kid-size shopping trolleys like Bunnings has had for a while, and they had one each on Tuesday. I didn't need to buy much, luckily, so it all fit in. They enjoyed pushing them around.

Now, I expected to finish this proofread days ago so I'd better get on with it.

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