Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jump high


Probably too little too late, but I had a healthy day today (with weigh-in tomorrow). I tackled Kinect Adventures this morning and got platinum on the last three intermediate games and then on advanced for a couple. As usual it left me dripping and far more exhausted than anything else I do. For the last 15 mins I was only getting silver (not even gold!) because I was too tired to move fast enough or jump high enough. Great workout. I've earned 40 activity PP this week, which I am happy with especially considering we were away all weekend.

I ate well too. I got pretty hungry in the afternoon but had some cereal, and only went over my daily PP by 2.

My weight is down a little from last week so I hope for a small loss, maybe enough to get me back to where I was two weeks ago!

More challenges this weekend as we will have houseguests. I will cook healthy meals but there are bound to be snacks. I hope they only bring stuff I don't like!


  1. Well done in achieving your weight loss goals. Oh I hear you I never keep snacks in the house or I quaff the lot!

  2. Hmm, my father-in-law brought wine and lollies, but luckily neither of those are my weakness. Luckily no chips or chocolate!