Sunday, March 18, 2012

Greased Lightning


This morning I tried my "Grease" dance game and it only took just over an hour to go through every track on solo. It was all pretty easy: both in terms of learning the choreography and the level of exercise. I got a score of A+ for everything. I'll try the non-solo games sometime. The dancing was fun but the interface was a bit annoying. We need to get microphones for the Kinect, I have a couple of sing-along games now that I can't use.

I wasn't too sore this morning, a little stiff from the kickboxing game yesterday. This afternoon I did another 50 mins of that one, and now I can hardly move. No, that is an exaggeration. I can move, it just hurts when I do. It seemed harder than yesterday, maybe because my body was resisting me. It didn't want to do all those punches and kicks.

Total of 2 hours exercise today. Ate a little too much, but all real food.

We had roast lamb tonight, and I feel a bit greasy now. I seem to be losing my tolerance for fatty food, which is great.

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