Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family wedding weekend eat-fest


Have just finished a huge eating weekend. We drove to Sydney on Saturday, having McDonald's for lunch on the way (it is basically that or KFC, but it was still my choice to have nuggets and chips rather than a salad) then left the kids at my mum's and went to the wedding of Tim's cousin Aimee. I felt I was being moderate; a couple of hors d'oevres, one glass of champage and half a glass of wine, the three course meal ... bread roll with butter ... chocolates ... glass of orange juice ... yeah it all adds up. Burned a couple of calories on the dance floor but the party ended soon after 9 pm so it was back to mum's and to bed.

Next morning I had a rasher of bacon and two slices of vegemite toast, much more than I usually have. Yum Cha with my brother-in-law and his wife, some of it fried. A Magnum ice-cream during the long drive home. Reasonably healthy dinner at home, but the damage was done. I just coded it all in to the Weight Watchers ProPoints tracker, guesstimating many things of course, and I have used up every one of my weekly PP already. Still four days to go, just living on my daily points! Nothing for supper on Tuesday, definitely no take-away on Wednesday. I'll just have to earn some extra with lots of exercise to get me through. And eat a lot of "free" fruit and vegetables! Precious few of those over the past couple of days.

I really don't want another gain this week, so I am going to work very hard for the next four days.

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