Monday, March 19, 2012

More of This and That


I was pretty sore this morning. I walked the kids to school then strolled over to the hardware store for a couple of things for the house, and even slow walking was moderately painful. I decided to leave the real exercise until a bit later, and it ended up being 8.30 pm before I got to it. I had planned to do something other than Fighters Uncaged, but my five-year-old son had a go this afternoon and was fantastic at it. He'd done the training on Saturday as we all did but today he went into the "real" fights and creamed his opponents, getting the best score for the house easily. He is five! His technique is what we call "whack-a-doodle", which is pretty much vigorous flailing with all limbs simultaneously. It works, anyway. By contrast, my eight-year-old daughter tried it yesterday and her half-hearted dabs at the air were completely ineffectual.

Anyway, I couldn't let my little baby beat me so this evening I dragged my slightly-less-aching muscles to the loungeroom and did an hour. After much effort, I caught up to Aiden's score and got to level 2. Then I decided it might be a good idea to warm down my abused body and did half an hour of dancing to Grease. Even easier than I remembered.

As usual, I wasn't able to control both exercise and eating: I had healthy meals but a big afternoon tea that was partly junk. But what else can I do when I get ravenously hungry?

I do believe it is my bedtime.

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