Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fighters Unchained


Due to various people being ill, only my father-in-law has visited us this weekend. He brought some presents, all Kinect games which is awesome. For my husband (his son), whose birthday it is, he got "Fighters Unchained" which is street fighting. We've been playing it and I did an hour tonight which has left me feeling wrung out, exhausted, and even a bit nauseous. Excellent! I am going to be so sore tomorrow! My legs are trembly-tired from all the kicking and my triceps are hurting. I did pretty well too, I beat all my opponents in that hour except one -- who I got on the second try.

I also did a bit over an hour this morning; Kinect Adventures and Just Dance 3. I didn't progress on my goals to get platinum/5 stars, which was a bit frustrating, but I certainly got lots of exercise today.

Eating wasn't perfect; cheese and crackers and nuts for afternoon tea and a slightly high calorie dinner of chicken pie and diet mousse for dessert, 35 PP today when I should have 26. But I also had all my fruit and vegetables and lots of water so it's not like I was eating junk.

Des also brought a game for Jasmine, as he missed her birthday -- a cute kids' game where you adopt a pet and it looks like it is in your living room with you. As I already had the Christmas present he had bought me so he took it back and today replaced it with the Kinect game "Grease Dance" -- a dance game to the music of the musical Grease which I love. I haven't tried it yet as we spent our time on the other two, but I will tomorrow. It looks great, and another way to keep Kinect exercise fun and fresh.

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