Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dancing and new jeans


I stuck to my daily PP yesterday until evening, when we had people over for D&D and supper. M brought a plate of vegetable sticks and said he is trying to lose body fat. I didn't even know he had any body fat. He lifts heavy weights, I guess he is trying for more definition. J brought grapes and one block of chocolate. B brought three carrots (if he doesn't plan ahead he just brings whatever he has in the house, which can be entertaining).

Only a month ago it would have looked more like this: M -- bag of burger rings. J -- 4 blocks of chocolate. B -- bottle of wine or bag of chips or something strange and random but certainly not healthy. This sudden switch is weird.

I'm the only one who hasn't got with the program. I bought a bag of "strawberries & cream" (for Tim, who likes lollies) and a block of chocolate (for me). I also provided the tail end of a cheese platter with crackers and dried fruit, and a bowl of grapes. And at the end of the evening I cut up some apples. Not too unhealthy I guess.

I think I ate about 18 PP worth of junk, the first time I have used any weeklies this week. I still lost another 300 grams. I didn't exercise other than some housework, but Tim and I did demonstrate PowerUp Heros to our guests.

Today I decided to tackle Just Dance 3 again. I still had about nine dances to go. Some took one try, some took many; but I got 5 stars in everything in just under two hours! Awesome. Another charm. The last one was Boogie Wonderland. I had already attempted this one many times and wasn't even close to the necessary 10,000 points. It wasn't even rated as a particularly difficult one, but I just couldn't get it. I found out a while ago that you had to sing some of the chorus (and noticed since then that a few other songs are like that) but those extra points still weren't enough. Finally I realised that in the part where each of the four characters blows kisses in turn (I was dancing alone and just copying one person) you can get extra points if you strike the kiss pose with each of them! Not very intuitive. But I finally got the 5 stars.

I had my shower and put on my jeans. My smaller jeans!

You may remember the saga where I accidentally bought jeans in a size too small last October -- I'd been in the larger size for a whole year but was apparently in denial -- well today I dared try them on and they fit comfortably! So that four kilo loss has made a difference, even if the tape measure didn't show it. They are snug but not squeezy. I wouldn't wear them with a fitted top due to a little muffin-top, but they are brand new and should stretch a little. Before, they were just too tight.

We are nearly at the end of March. One of my exercise goals was to earn 21 activity PP each week (up from 14 a week in the first month on WW). So far it has been 103, 40 and 70. 23 this week with a day and a half to go, 12 of those this morning. Clearly 21 isn't a big enough target. I have worked very hard and I was sick earlier in the week, but I can clearly do a lot more than 21. Do I get a charm for this? I don't think so, especially as I am getting one for my dancing. My new target is 40 per week, which would be 10 hours of moderate level exercise or a lot less hours of intense. If I can earn another 17 points by tomorrow night I will deserve another charm!

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