Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working hard


Yesterday afternoon was the kids' swimming lesson, which I definitely don't look forward to. The lessons are one after the other and I spend the time in the kids' pool with whichever child isn't learning. A whole hour of boredom and having heavily-clorinated water sting my eyes. To make matters worse, my swimming costume was getting so old and saggy it was nearly unwearable, the rather daring cleavage was becoming a public indecency risk. So yesterday I dragged out my old costume that I had grown out of. And it fit! It does ride up so that it is like wearing a g-string ("thong", for Americans -- here a thong is a flip-flop sandal), but I always wear board shorts over the top so that didn't really matter. This fitting into smaller clothing thing is exciting.

I did my best to both enjoy the swimming and to make it active, bouncing around the shallow pool or walking on my hands pretending to be a crocodile in the toddler bits. The chlorine really does make my eyes sting though.

I hadn't managed to get the casserole on in time due to being out chosing new chair fabrics all afternoon, so we got takeaway on the way home. I ate a moderate amount of chicken and chips and only used 6 weekly PP. But this morning my weight was up by 600 grams. I'm sure it was the takeaway, not yesterday's 2 hours of exercise. Exercise does not make you fat. I think.

As I wrote yesterday, I needed to do lots of exercise today if I wanted to earn an extra Pandora charm for the month. I did Kinect Adventures (getting 4 of the 6 platinum scores I needed!!) and a little bit of PowerUp Heros for an hour and a half. I was very tired, but when I coded it in to my tracker I was still 3 activity PP short of 40. I could earn that in 15 mins of really intense exercise. But I was tired! But only 15 mins! So I did 15 mins of the kickboxing game. Totally exhausting, and I only won one bout, but I earned my points and my charm. I did so much exercise this month!

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