Thursday, March 29, 2012

WW weigh in week 8: 77.2 kg, down 1.0 kg


I missed last weigh-in so I think this should be week 9 but the leader said they just write it in as the following week without skipping. Thus it is officially week 8, and I lost 1.0 kg over 2 weeks which is a good average. In reality I gained in the first week then lost a lot then regained a little.

Starting weight: 80.2 kg
Week 8: 77.2 kg (down 3.0 kg)
5 % goal: 76.2 kg (only 1.0 kg to go!)
Goal weight: 58 kg

The meeting was about how supportive friends and workout buddies can make a difference. We were supposed to think of a healthy person we would like to emulate, but I couldn't really think of one. I mentioned my husband Tim who exercises regularly no matter what, but I don't have anyone who's food habits I admire particularly. I suppose a couple of guys who come to supper will turn down unhealthy food when they are in training for something, but eat junk other times. That seems like a reasonable way to live.

If I constructed an imaginary perfect person (in terms of their relationship with food and exercise), they would behave something like this:
Healthy food most of the time without being fanatical, treats occasionally when they felt like it without feeling guilty, splurges for special events without stressing about it but also without going totally overboard. Aware of their body's nutritional needs and hunger signals. Eats a balance of foods without having to keep score. Not always thinking about food and what they are going to have at their next meal or what they can and cannot eat.
Exercises most days at a variety of activities and a variety of different intensity levels, enjoying exercise and finding things they like rather than having to force themself, taking time off if needed for injury or illness without stressing, always improving and meeting new targets and goals.

So I guess that is the person I would like to be.

I bought my two new Pandora charms; one with silver filigree butterflies and one with purple enamel hearts. I bought and ate a banana, shopped for some kids' clothes, did the grocery shopping. Got home unphased by the time (12.45 when I like to have lunch at 12) and cooked up a chicken stir-fry with lots of vegetables and satay sauce.

I'm learning.

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